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  • LMR-P0 Tele-operated in Atacama Desert, Chili, on C-Band from ARC 6/06
  • LMR-P3 Tele-operated in Milpetas Query on Ku Band from ARC 9/07
  • LMR-P4, Tele-operated at ARC over 802.11G from ARC 9/08
  • Tele-operated LMR-T4 at DFRC on L-Band from ARC 7/09
  • Tele-operated LMR-P6 at ARC on 49 Mhz from ARC 9/09
  • Tele-operate LMR-P6 from ISS, March 2010
  • Tele-operate LMR-Alpha from ARC aboard Virgin Galactic Sub-orbit flight operating at Lunar Gravity free fall for 4 min. using TDRSS, 6/11.
  • Tele-operate LMR-I from ARC on the Moon, 20/12
  • Tele-operate LMR-V from ARC on the South Pole of the moon via Southern Pole Sample Return Mission, 6/16.

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