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LMRP - Goals

  • LMR-MS1 (MET-6/06) Tele-operate microrover (Max 5.0-L) in the Atacama Desert from ARC.
  • LMR-MS2 (MET-10/07) Produce and teleoperate LMR Prototype III in Lunar terrain analog with Lunar-com data delay
  • LMR-MS3 (MET-9/08) Produce LMR Prototype V.
  • LMR-MS4 (MET-9/09) Produce LMR Prototype VI.
  • LMR-MS5 (DUE-03/10) Drive LMR-P6 from STS-131
  • LMR-MS6 (DUE-09/10) Produce flight developed LMR Alpha.
  • LMR-MS7 (DUE-1/11) Produce flight qualified LMR Beta.
  • LMR-MS8 (DUE-6/11) Launch LMR Beta on Suborbital Flight and execute complete systems check..
  • LMR-MS9 (DUE-1/12) Produce flight certified LMR-ONE.
  • LMR-MS10 (DUE-6/12) Launch LMR-ONE to the Lunar equatorial region on CMU’s X-Prize mission.
  • LMR-MS11 (DUE-1/14) Produce and flight certified LMR-TWO.
  • LMR-MS12 (DUE-1/16) Launch LMR-TWO to the Lunar polar region on NASA’s sample return mission.

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