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LMRP - Objectives

  • Grand Challenge 1.0: Acheive Low Cost Produce LMR's under $500,000
    • Fiscal limitations prevent procurement of radiation hardened technology, optimal communications solutions, and specialized technologies thus generating these issues.
      • Core Challenge 1.1: Mitigate Increased Electronic Vulnerability.
        • This requires the development of affordable alternatives to rad-hard technology to guard against energetic particles and radiation.
      • Core Challenge 1.2: Design an S-Band Communication Solution for under $150,000
        • Producing a 50Kbps Downlink and a 6Kbps Uplink may be achieved by addressing a non-traditional communication solution and the integration of new technology.
      • Core Challenge 1.3: Generate Latency Compensation Technology.
        • Implement a solution that emulates real-time operation of LMR despite a 4 second Command and Data latency.
  • Grand Challenge 2.0: Achieve Low Weight: Build rovers under 10 Kg
    • The reduction of mass makes thermal control more difficult.
      • Core Challenge 2.1: Design Sustainable Thermal Control: Design rovers that can operate in direct sunlight for 14 days.

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